Hello and welcome to Kit Kat Flavors! Here we celebrate our love for Kit Kats with a look at all of the different flavors that they have featured. Kit Kat’s are a classic chocolate candy that everyone enjoys and is a common staple among Halloween Trick or Treaters. In the United States, Kit Kat’s are licensed by Hershey’s, but for the rest of the world they are owned by Nestle. Japan features the widest array of flavors because in Japan ‘Kit Kat’ sounds awfully close to the Japanese phrase, “kitto katsu” which means “you’ll surely win”. So these end up being given as gifts and at ceremonies such as graduations and commencements. You’ll find that there is a huge variety of flavors as well as special edition packaging and even other sized Kit Kats.

Green Tea Kit Kat

Our site features a list of all of the Japanese Kit Kat Flavors and the different releases of packaging for them. That listed is sorted by year of release. Once you get towards the bottom of the list you’ll start to see the wacky and crazy flavors show up. We also have a collection of Kit Kat flavors that have been, or are able to be, imported into the United States so that we can all try them out. This is also where to buy Green Tea Kit Kat flavors as well as other popular flavors, White Chocolate Kit Kats and Strawberry Kit Kats. A very popular package is the Japanese Kit Kat Variety Pack which lets you try a variety of different flavors. Check out the table below to see the different Kit Kat flavors sorted by their release year.

Kit Kat Flavors by Release Date

Kit Kat Flavors Released Prior to 2003

We will be continuing our updates of the site as we look into the extensive variety of Kit Kats. If you have any pictures or videos or information you would like to send us, you can Contact Us or hit us up on any of the social network sites located under the page header.