Japanese Kit Kat Variety Pack

4 Flavor Japanese Kit Kat Variety Pack

Try this 4 flavor variety pack featuring Green Tea Uji-Matcha, Red Bean Azuki, Strawberry Wa-ichigo, and Sakura.

Kit Kat 12 Random Flavors

This is a great Kit Kat variety pack for anyone interested in trying more flavors! You get a random assortment of 12 Japanese Kit Kat flavors for a great price.

18 Flavor Kit Kat Variety Pack

Try some of the most popular Kit Kat flavors from Japan with this 18 flavor variety pack! A great way to find your favorite flavor and to try a bunch of exotic Japanese flavors.

3 Flavor Japanese Kit Kat Variety Pack

Included are Green Tea, Sakura and Strawberry flavors.

A great way to get a taste of the different flavors of the wide variety of Kit Kat flavors available in Japan are by purchasing a Japanese Kit Kat Variety Pack on Amazon! There are a few different choices above to choose from. There is an Eastern Japan Variety Pack and a Western Japan Variety Pack each featuring 6 wonderful flavors for you to try! Click on any picture or flavor name to get taken to the Amazon page where you can purchase them.